Monitoring your health when you have diabetes is crucial to preventing some of the complications associated with diabetes.

Most patients with diabetes have their health checks at the surgery. A few patients, mainly those on insulin for their diabetes, are cared for by the hospital diabetes team.

We recommend a review of your diabetes at least twice a year. This is generally done by our Diabetes Practice Nurse. You will be sent a letter with an appointment for an Annual Diabetes check once a year – usually in the month of your birthday. You will also be called in for any interim checks that the doctor or nurse feels necessary.

Further useful information can be found on the Diabetes UK website www.diabetes.org.uk

Annual Review

Prior to your annual review appointment with the nurse you will need to come in for a fasting blood test and bring in a urine sample.

Your annual check will involve knowing your blood glucose,HbA1c, kidney function, blood fat levels and blood pressure. In addition the nurse will check the condition of your feet and make sure that you have had your eyes screened for retinopathy.

If you monitor your blood sugar yourself it is useful for you to bring in your blood sugar testing metre and / or record book when you come in for a check with the nurse.

Patient Education

Here at Chiddingfold Surgery we run small group educational sessions for patients with diabetes and their families. The sessions are a great opportunity to learn more about diabetes, and help you manage your condition and stay healthy. The sessions are also an opportunity to ask questions and learn form the knowledge and experiences of other people with diabetes.
If you are interested in learning more please let your doctor or nurse know or call reception and ask to speak to Lyn McLoughlin our diabetes co-ordinator.

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