Minor Surgery Clinics

Dr Watts performs all the minor surgery procedures within the practice

A wide variety of procedures are performed:

  • Aspirations of cysts and joint swellings.
  • Injections into a variety of joints and bursae
  • Injections for tendonitis problems
  • Injections for carpal tunnel syndrome

If your condition requires and injection / aspiration you will be advised to book an appointment with Dr Watts in one of his routine surgeries. If you are having a joint /soft tissue injection please be aware that you will need to rest the injected area for 3-4 days.

Dr Watts no longer performs minor surgery . If your condition needs “surgery”  you will be referred to Dr Miles Scholar at Witley and Milford Surgery.  Please note that excision of e.g. moles, skin tags etc cannot be done for purely cosmetic reasons. 

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